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Lennar Homes Did Us Wrong
We think the defect was hidden before purchase - they deny this


We think the defect was hidden before purchase - they deny this

Lennar "categorically denies" they knew of the defect before we closed. But, they do admit they knew there was a problem. They just thought they fixed it. We have not been told what they did to determine what the problem was or what they did to fix it. So we cannot say they definitely knew there was a serious problem, but there would have been tell-tale signs. We are not experts and we did not know we were seeing a problem. We do know for sure that Lennar tried to convince plumbers to do repairs against their recommendations and that they tried to get the city inspector to pass their repairs five times. We question their integrity and their sincerity to produce a quality product. If they were trying to hide a known problem, we wonder what they hid in the construction process. Even if one of their sub-contractors hid the mistake from them, they should be responsible because they are the general contractor. Lennar was involved in the "repair" before we bought the house so they definitely knew there was a problem. Their honesty in stating they thought they fixed it is questionable to us, also. Their actions in trying to pass substandard repairs after we bought the house makes us doubt the credibility of their claim.

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