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Lennar Homes Did Us Wrong

We think the defect was hidden before purchase - they deny this

We closed on our new home in the Amberwood subdivision of Kyle, Texas September 12, 2003. Within hours, and one flush of the toilet later, we found we had a plumbing problem. A few days later, we found out Lennar knew of the problem prior to us signing the contract for the purchase. Their Division President, James Giddens told us they thought they had fixed the problem and they were not legally obligated to disclose this problem before we agreed to buy the home. We do not believe the home can be restored to an acceptable condition. We will always wonder if every little problem will turn into a major problem. Lennar only has 11 months left on their warranty, then they can just tell us to "stick it." Like with most defective products, we asked that they return our money or replace the product by moving us into a comparable home in the neighborhood. They refused.

Our bathroom in our new Lennar Home
Two strands from the post-tension slab are exposed and the hole was almost 7 feet long

The problem was two-fold. First, there was concrete in the drain line from the toilet in our second bathroom. Next, we found out the plumbing had negative slope. That is, the water had to flow uphill when you flushed the commode. Lennar first jackhammered a hole about 22" x 24" in our foundation. We were told they fixed the problem and they would have their engineer and the city inspector out to inspect the plumbing and approve the foundation repair so they could reinstall the plumbing. Their engineer approved their foundation plan each time they visited the site. The city inspector FAILED their make-shift repairs five times. By the time they finally passed inspection on the sixth visit, they had removed the toilet, the lavatory and the tub. Also, the hole in the foundation was approaching 7 feet long. Our family of four has been living with only 1 bathroom for over 30 days and the job is still not finished.

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Lennar's faulty workmanship and their failure to disclose this error may prove to be very costly to us. In our opinion, Lennar knew or should have known there was a defect prior to us agreeing to purchase the home. We filed a complaint and spoke to Tom Brick, Executive Director, Construction and Quality Initiatives Programs, in one of their corporate offices. All he did was refer us back to the local division that had dissatisfied us in the first place. Unfortunately, new homebuilders are not bound by any code of ethics and there is no government oversight or licensing organization to regulate them. We think this will devalue the house, even if just in perception. We have also had to give them over 8 days of our time so far. If you think they owe us more than simply patching up their error, please

Look for low water levels in your toilet bowl. You may have some of the same problems. I would recommend not closing until all plumbing problems are resolved. If you have a serious concern, a plumber can run a camera down the pipe to check for obstructions or standing water. There should be no standing water in the pipe.